2017 Events

Our Soda Jerks brings fun, excitement, and flare into your drinks. With flips and bottle throwing watching the Jerks is half the fun!    

Alaska Jerks

"For a timeless fun experience filled with class - head to the Soda Jerk to fill your glass!"

  - Bob P.

                    "Each time we go to any fair or festival we

   always look for The Soda Jerk..  Kelsey makes us fantastic

    drinks, and our grandkids always have fun with the music."

       - Mike B.

May 25-29 Crab Festival, Kodiak

June 18 Midnight Sun Festival, Fairbanks

July 1-4 Mt. Marathon, Seward

July 7-9 Forest Fair, Girdwood

July 14-16  Bear Paw Festival, Eagle River

July 28-30 Deltana Fair & Music Festival, Delta Juction

August 4-13 Tanana Valley Fair, Fairbanks

August 24- Sept 4 Alaska State Fair, Palmer

  • Rock And Roll Music (1958 Single Version)2:30

Alaska Soda Jerks brings "Old Time Soda Fountain" favorites to Alaska with major flare!

With so many drinks and new ones added every year you'll always get a fun and exciting experience every time you visit!