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"They make the best Shirley Temple I've ever had, everything there is delicious and the people there are fun and happy. I love going there each year at the Tanana Valley State Fair. " 
-Jazmine R. P.

Our Story

With big dreams, Kelsey Ingram wanted to have something that would bring joy and happiness to everyone around.  He dreamed of a 50's themed booth with Jerks mixing drinks and dancing to classics from the 1950s.

Alaskan Soda Jerk launched in 2012 and was an instantt hit with festival & fair visitors in Alaska, as the word spread so did we Brandon Korin joined our team and the rest is history.  Together they have made

Alaskan Soda Jerk   Fun, Entertaining, Exciting, something that everyone looks forward to at the festivals & fairs, making it their "must stop".